Indian Aztec clay powder in a bowl for a hair mask.

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Today's post is about the Aztec Indian healing Clay Hair Mask.

I've personally been using this hair mask for quite sometime and I personally love it. Ever since I discovered it, I've never used shampoo again. The  benefits that come with it are amazing.

What is Indian Aztec Clay?
Aztec Indian Healing Clay contains 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, a natural compound known for its ability to draw out toxins from the skin.

Woman applying Indian Aztec clay hair mask to define curls.

Bentonite Clay contains sodium, potassium and calcium- minerals that are essential for hair growth. But that's not all that it offers, it also removes the dead skin cells from your scalp and cleanses your hair follicles which will end up boosting your hair growth.

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4 Amazing Indian Aztec Clay for Hair Benefits:-

Aztec Clay helps Cleanse your hair
This clay is highly absorbent that means that it will help clarify your hair without making it feel dry or stripped especially if you have curly or kinky hair that is super dry, this would help your hair get its softness back.

Aztec Clay moisturises and Conditions your hair
If your hair gets easily tangled and frizzy this clay will help you de-frizz, soften and banish dryness giving your hair a nice glow.


Aztec Clay will improve your curl definition
And I personally can testify to that. My curl pattern improved with time and now I have shpopping curls okurr.

Woman's defined curls after using Indian Aztec clay hair mask.

Aztec Clay helps with nourishment and growth
The minerals in the clay will help get rid of toxins in the scalp and also get rid of dandruff which will eventually nourish your hair.

The Upside about this clay is that it can be used by both women and men. For men if you grow out your hair this mask will also give you the same benefits and also help with beard growth.

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The quantity will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. I personally just use my eyes to measure it lol.
You can add any oil or water depending on your preference.

How long do I keep it?
I mostly leave it on for 30mins-1hour and sometimes overnight and then I would rinse it out with warm water.
If you try it for the first time it would be best if you leave it for 10-15mins.

Side note:- Kindly use plastic or wooden tools when mixing it as metal tools will cause the clay to lose its negative charge and in turn the clay will become less effective.

I hope this information was helpful and in case you have questions kindly leave it in the comment section.
Also check out my video on how I applied the mask.