It’s in these silent moments after a long day where I realize how alone I actually am. 
How I have so much to say but no one to listen. 
I don’t have anyone to tell my daily antics or how my day generally was and ask how their day was too. 
They are right when they say you truly realize how lonely you are at these moments. 
It’s like you sit in this room full of darkness and cry your eyes out till you’re absolutely numb. 
You begin to wonder if the problem is you and ask yourself 101 questions as to why you feel so incomplete and why can’t you be your own best friend? 
But then it comes down to the fact that how long? How long are you going to talk to yourself and please yourself everyday? 
We all need someone believe it or not and sometimes the person we always think about is simply out of reach. 
We all have ears but some of us choose not to listen. 
We all have hearts but hardly any work the same and it’s hard to find a heart which work the same as yours. 
So you beat yourself up over this silently, over the fact that you have everyone around but not a single person to tell your soul to.