I usually get a lot of questions about the apps I use for my Instagram stories and even though I constantly share the apps people usually keep asking. So I’ve decided to compile all my favorite apps in this post.... yippee! 
Instagram stories is a quick and easy way to share bits about your life. You can engage more with your friends, followers and readers, get more brand visibility, increase your blog traffic, promote your business etc
Instagram provides lots of tools to make stories a bit more creative and unique such as GIFs, stickers, emojis polls, boomerangs, music and Q&As. 
However using a few extra apps to edit your Instagram stories can make them aesthetically pleasing. 

Here are some of my favorite apps
Unfold has a good selection of free layouts to use where you can add photos and text. However, if you want more interesting templates which have graphics you have to purchase them. This app is great for those who are simple and minimalistic.

Canva is an all in one graphics app that allows you to create eye catching graphics on the go.
Canva gives you the most flexibility to use your own graphics and create something unique rather than using the same standard designs you see everyone using.

Over is a great app that let’s you overlay texts and graphics onto pictures and videos. It has 'gazillion' photos, fonts, graphics, templates and tools to help you create high quality on brand content. You’ll be lost for hours discovering its endless possibilities.

Hype type
Before Mojo I used Hype type to add motion typography to my stories. It has lots of styles to use and you can even add music to your slide.

This app is the newest hot trend right now. Almost all your favourite creatives are using it. This app allows you to add animation to your Instagram stories to create super eye catching content. It has hundreds of animated templates for whatever content you’re posting. Mojo’s templates are customizable making it easy to trim, add effects, change speed, colors etc

This app has so many features you may need: filters, adding stickers, text and all the necessary editing tools. 
I usually use it to edit videos. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. This app is ideal for YouTube videos, vine videos and lip sync videos.

Those are just the very few apps I use to create Instagram stories. I’m usually researching apps on a daily basis because creating content is fun and interesting. 
I hope y’all enjoyed this article, leave a comment if you use any of those apps. Thank you for reading!