Hey beautiful people this post will help you understand the basic steps of starting a blog.

What’s that spark of blogging that makes people want to start a blog? 
Blogging gives an individual a voice, exposure, career, audience and money. 
Blogging is something that has been happening for years but a lot of people still don’t know about it and how to take the first step of creating a blog.

What to do before starting a blog
Decide your blogging niche
This is the most important step before leaning forward. You should blog about what you love doing and not topics that don't spark joy to you. 

Choose a blogging platform
This stage can be so overwhelming because there are a number of free blogging platforms that allow you to create a new blog. But you might think what's the best blogging platform to start your blogging journey? 
Do you intend to start a blog for personal use or do you want to start an online business or a career?

The most recommended blogging platform is WordPress but there's a difference between a blog hosted on and 
The truth is you don't have to be a tech person to start a blog. Bluehost's new feature 'Blue Spark' provides you a free service to walk you through all the steps to set up a wordpress website. And it's all free! After buying from Bluehost, just contact their support team and a trained team of wordpress experts will avail blue spark services for free. 

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Steps to take to start building a blog on your own
Step 1- Choose a domain name

A domain name identifies a website or a blog. You can decide to use your name or something related to the niche you've picked. Choose a domain name that's not complicated.

(Bluehost gives you a free domain for a year when you buy hosting from them.)

Step 2- Get website hosting 

A web hosting company provides you with an online space where all your files are kept. It helps you enjoy Internet services that'll be required to run a blog.
Bluehost can avail you its services for a special offer at $3.95 which is a discounted price and you'll be able to save some coins. 

How to setup website using blue spark
After buying hosting using my link, just contact bluehost support team and trained representatives will speak to you and walk you through the process step by step. They will help you understand how to install plugins and choose a theme for your website.

Advantages of Bluehost

  • You can sign up for just $3.95/month
  • Free domain for one year (Save $12-$15)
  • 24/7 support team
  • Amazing features
  • Easy refund
  • Free WordPress integration

Step by Step guide for creating WordPress blog using bluehost

Step 1
Click this link Sign Up for Bluehost. You'll be redirected to the main page and click on the Get Started button

Step 2
Select a preferable plan. Whatever plan you choose you'll still save money using my special promo link. 

Step 3
Register a free domain name with Bluehost or if you already have a domain name select 'I have a domain name'

Step 4
Fill the required information and please recheck once you're done to make sure everything is correct. 

Step 5
At the 'package information' section- you can avail services for 36 months at a cheap rate of $2.95/month. 

Step 6
Put your billing information and click the checkbox to agree with all the services etc. 

Step 7
Create a password for your account.

Step 8
Here's what your window will look like.

Step 9
Pick a theme. You can always change the theme or go premium later on.

Step 10
Here's what your window will look like.

Step 11
You'll see this window that says 'Welcome to WordPress'

You can always skip this technical setup by contacting bluehost team to avail blue spark services for free.

Basically that's it, your website is ready and you can go ahead and start writing and posting. Congratulations!

Blogging is fun and if you are doing it for the long run a lil investment will make a huge impact. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps! Click here to get started.