Hey beautiful people welcome back. Today's blog is about my honest review about rice water. I'm a DIY natural hair enthusiast so I had to try this to see if it is worth the hype.

Asian women have been using rice water for their hair and skin for centuries. The Yao ethnic women from the village of Huangluo in China are a testament to this tradition. With their average hair length of about 6ft, these women made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the 'World's longest hair village'. Furthermore, the Yao women believe that the fermented rice water they use to cleanse their hair, is what helps to keep their hair long, dark and clean.

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Rice water is the starchy water that remains after soaking or cooking rice. Rice water is no ordinary remedy and its benefits are backed by modern science. 

Types of Rice Water
  • Plain Rice Water 
  • Fermented Rice Water

Benefits of Rice Water
  • Rice water contains Inositol which helps to repair and strengthen damaged hair. It also helps boosts hair's elasticity.
  • Contains saponins which possess soap-like qualities making it a gentle cleanser for hair.
  • Is rich in amino acids which promotes soft, shiny and silky hair. The amino acids also help with strengthening hair follicles
  • It's also effective for postpartum and stress related hair shedding.
  • Helps with frizz and dryness of hair
  • Aids in the growth of hair
  • Cures itchiness of scalp and dandruff
  • Works to reduce split ends
  • Protects against hair damage

Ways of Making Rice Water

This is the quickest way to make rice water
  1. You need 1/2 cup of uncooked rice water 
  2. Wash the rice till the water becomes clear
  3. Add 1-2 cups of warm/cold water
  4. Leave it to soak for 30-1hour
  5. Strain the rice water and it's ready to use 
You can add essential oils if you like (I used peppermint essential oil)
I applied this method as a leave-in conditioner then followed it with a cream and oil.

Fermentation of rice water brings down the pH level that aids in protecting the hair by closing the hair cuticles. It also helps to promote the hair growth and adds nourishment of hair. The process of fermentation creates a potent substance called Pitera which has loads of amino acids, minerals, organic acids and vitamins that adds to the health of your hair. 

  1. You need 1/2 cup of uncooked rice water 
  2. Wash the rice till the water becomes clear
  3. Add 1-2 cups of warm/cold water, cover and store away
  4. Leave it overnight or longer whichever way you choose
  5. Strain the rice water into a clean bowl

You can add essential oils or orange peels to minimise the smell because the fermented rice water can throw you off. It stinks tbh.

How to store Rice Water

Store it in the refrigerator. The essential oils will act as a mild preservative for up to a week. 

Ways of using Rice Water

I personally use it after shampooing my hair and cover my hair with a plastic bag and leave it for 30minutes. Then I deep condition and detangle my hair. 
Another way I use it is as a leave-in conditioner. This works for me because I use it after every 3 days.

Tips for using Rice Water

Don't use too much of it because the rice water mimics the effects of protein and you wouldn't want a protein overload especially if you're low porosity like I am.
Once or twice a week is more than enough

In terms of hair growth I am not sure if the rice water did contribute to my hair growth but it definitely reduced my hair shedding. I personally like rice water and I will continuously use it because a girl wants hair like Rapunzel. 

If you use rice water or used it previously share your experience with us. Thank you for reading.