I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to wash days. I love washing my hair but I also don't like the process because it's usually takes time and a lot of arm workouts. The number of times I procrastinate my wash days is uncountable. At some point I usually end up not washing my hair for three weeks because the spirit might be willing but the body is weak.

Every wash day routine is different and contains different processes depending on how I'm feeling.

My wash day routine consists of;
The aim of this is to ensure the stripping effect of the shampoo is minimized.

You can use an oil mix and apply it all over your hair from tip to roots or use conditioner with slip. 
I also use rice water to wet my hair before applying the oil mix because I like applying my products when my hair is a bit wet. Detangle with a wide tooth comb or with your fingers.
I cover my hair with a plastic bag and leave it on for 30minutes-1hour.

I shampoo my hair once a month or after every two months using sulfate free shampoo. 
Shampoo should be applied to the scalp because the dirt is in your scalp.
I massage the shampoo with my fingers or my scalp brush to raise the dirt and increase blood circulation on my scalp. 

Deep condition 
After shampooing I apply a hair mask or a DIY mask from root to tip and leave it on for 30minutes-1hour. 
I cover my hair with a plastic bag and cover it with my hair scarf to add heat that helps open up my pores because my hair is low porosity.
I rinse out and let my hair air dry for a while

LCO application
After my hair has dried a bit I proceed with my LCO(Liquid, cream and oil) application. Some people use the LOC method because that's what works for them. I'll go ahead and twists my hair or put them in flat twists. And I'm done. 

This routine is carried out once in a month although I wash my hair every week or every two weeks but I don't follow all the steps.

You can share your routine in the comment section. Thank you for reading.