Have you ever felt blogging did not work?
Or do you feel blogging does not work?
Newsflash; blogging gives you what you give blogging.
Blogging is neutral. Blogging just reflects the energy and effort of humans, back to them, a perfect mirror.

If you are generous with blogging, blogging becomes generous with you. Or, you make a lotta money through blogging if you generously share your time and talents for a sustained period of time.

Unfortunately, most bloggers struggle horribly because they try to get money without giving much of anything. You always get a direct, exact reflection of how generous AND persistent you have been: check your bank account, blogging-wise. As of 5 years ago, 81% of bloggers never made more than $100 through their bank account. 

Of course! 81% of bloggers write a few blog posts, spend like 50 hours blogging, and expect millions of dollars to flow through their blog.
Blogging gives you what you give blogging.
If you blog for 50 hours generously, you get 50 hours worth of generous effort.
If you blog for 40,000 hours over a decade like me, you get 40,000 hours of effort. I was only generous for some of that time; hence, me just starting to come into my own, now.

Blogging Struggles
Every blogging struggle or failure occurs because you struggle and fail to generously give your time and talents to blogging. Every stingy blogger goes broke through their blog. Be stingy. Get stinginess. But on a deeper level, even if you help a ton of people by creating a ton of content, you need to be detached, trusting and abundant-minded to see great financial success.

I recall how a 7 figure earning blogger made $500 bucks during their first year online.
Every day during that year, the individual published 1-3 helpful blog posts. Did they become stingy? Nope. Did they claim blogging did not work, and quit? Nope. This individual gave like a multi-millionare even though he appeared to make $500 during the entire year, and, money began flowing to him. The money eventually reached millions upon millions of dollars. Why? Blogging gives you what you give blogging.

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Blogging Success
Do not panic or bail if you appear to make zero money through your blog. Trust yourself.
Trust advice from pros. Be calm. Relax. Be easy. Have fun. Chill out. Keep being generous. Be even more generous. I write 5-10 posts daily between guest posts and blog posts because writing is fun, easy and this abundant mindset increases my exposure like mad.

Have I made millions through blogging, writing 5-10 posts daily? Not right now. But if millions flow to me, of course I would not be surprised. I am doing what every billionaire
and millionaire did before making billions and millions; planting generous seeds from a detached, abundant space.

A young entrepreneur asked icon Gary Vaynerchuk how to get featured on a famous TV show like Conan O’Brien. Gary Vee told him to do 2,000 interviews on YouTube. He did,
even though some scored zero views, and the massive exposure he gained through his abundant mindset and actions helped him pop up on the radar screen of major media and producers from television shows.

Blogging gives you what you give blogging.
Do you want freedom? Help people be free. Every one of the 4 guest posts I submitted to bloggers today is freeing, passive traffic. All Brenda needs to do is scan the guest
post, publish it, and she gets free, passive traffic with zero effort. I love helping people!

Plus I gain exposure and plant seeds for a harmonious, mutually beneficial friendship.
Blogging gives you what you give blogging.
Help people freely. Have fun. Gain exposure. Live your dreams.
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