I decided to interview my friend Amblessed who I've witnessed her transitioning from relaxed hair to a beautiful healthy crown. The girl's hair is amazing and it's an eye catcher every time she walks in the room. I prepared a few questions for her so we would get insight on her transitioning journey because a lot of people usually ask me the first steps to step when transitioning and I don't have any idea because I've never relaxed my hair. It was best I get information from someone who has.
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So here we go:
Do you need to do the big chop?
Making the decision to do the big chop is personal. I did my big chop after 15 months of transitioning and it worked well for me. I enjoyed it.
What did you use during your transition?
Basically, I used olive oil and castor oil to seal in moisture (water and hair cream)

What did you do after the big chop?
After the big chop, I did more of twist outs. I just wanted to enjoy my hair.

Was it hard of letting go of split ends?
Letting go of split ends is very necessary for me. It wasn't hard at all.

How often did you moisturize your hair?
I don't really have a particular pattern on how I moisturize my hair, I just put moisture when I feel it's dry

What was your experience during your transitioning period?
During my transition period, my biggest challenge was taking good care of the different textures and handling the breakage.

Did you ever feel like giving up?
I never felt like giving up

What regime did you follow?
My regime: wash once in 2 weeks. Deep condition and moisturize

Did you update your regime after a while?
I didn't update my regime. Used it till I did the big chop.

What styles would you advise while transitioning? 
Styles you can do while transitioning: protective styles (tuck your ends in), use wigs, braids (without much tension)

How did you avoid breakage?
I avoided breakage by doing a DIY protein treatment (mayonnaise, olive oil and eggs)

How did you manage tangles?
I managed tangles by taking each section of my hair at a time
I hope you enjoyed reading. Leave a comment and share with us your transitioning experience. Until next time goodbye beautiful people. xoxo