Hello my loves, welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here you’re very welcome and if you’re a returning reader I want to say thank you for coming back. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I am such a DIY enthusiast and I love experimenting on my hair, fingers crossed of course hopefully I don’t lose my hair anytime soon.

It had been long since I did a protein treatment and felt the need of it because my curls started looking limp and lifeless. Having limp, lifeless curls is a sign that your protein/moisture balance is out of balance and adding protein will help restore that balance.

Giving your hair regular protein treatments will help your hair keep a good moisture/protein balance. However, what “regular” means will vary from person to person as it may man weekly, monthly or bi-monthly depending on your hair.

Protein is a necessary building block for nourished, strong and healthy hair.

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Signs your hair needs protein:
  • Low elasticity: if you try to stretch your hair while wet and it doesn’t snap back or return to its natural state.
  • Limp, stringy or gummy feeling when hair is wet.
  • Excessive dryness and breakage

Too much of something is poison and adding too much protein to your hair can skew your moisture/protein balance. This may happen because you unknowingly used products with a lot of protein, overcorrected over moisturized hair or your hair may be more sensitive to protein than others.

Signs your hair has too much protein:
  • Very dry and brittle hair
  • Increased breakage
  • Stiff hair
  • Increased tangles

But don’t freight as you can fix protein overload by deep conditioning more maybe once or twice a week, adding more daily conditioners to your routine and adding more hydrating creams and products to your styling until the balance corrects itself.

You can read about my DIY deep conditioner here.

DIY protein treatment

Ingredients used:
  • ½ Avocado
  • 1 egg
  • Coconut oil

I put all the ingredients in a blender and added some water to get a good consistency.

  • Spritz water on my hair before application
  • After application, I let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it out.
  • I used cold water to rinse it out because warm water might cook the egg.
  • Co-washed my hair with conditioner
  • Then finished off with my DIY tea rinse.

Coconut oil and eggs are naturally rich in protein which makes this DIY treatment essential. Avocados are rich in vitamins, oleic acids and other essential fatty acids.

I’ll definitely incorporate protein treatments monthly and probably go back to using rice water.

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