I usually discover new places through people and this place is just one of them. And in my defense it is one of my favorite places if you want to chill in my city Eldoret. One Friday evening, my body was itching to go out and interact with other human beings other than my family and also make some bad decisions wink wink. I hope my family won’t read that part lol. So my aunty called me to take me out for some few drinks and to enjoy the company of my friends company. The perks of having cool aunties is that dear friends.

The place is located at 1st floor, Saito center Elijah Chariot Street Eldoret and they have another new branch at Rupa’s Mall but I’ve only visited the former location because it’s at the town center. Every time I have visited this place it’s been pure bliss. I love that comfortable ambiance it has plus the perfect service you get while enjoying the music. This place beats a club and it’s perfect if you want to enjoy the weekend without the musky smell you get from clubs.

Moreover, they have great food and super nice waitresses and waiters. The best food I’ve had there is their spare ribs and pizza (with pineapple toppings of course).

Pork Spare Ribs
The pork spare ribs were delicious I even ended licking my fingers (disgusting but that's how nice the ribs were). The chef had prepared a mwarubaini (neem) sauce which i personally didn't like. The potato wedges were okay even without the sauce. The salad and vegetables were nice too.
The bartender offered to make me a cocktail (I forgot the name oops) but I liked it although it was too sweet for my liking because of the sweet syrup. 

Sikera Apple Cider

Any time you are in Eldoret you can visit the restaurant and get to experience luxury comfortably. Thank you for reading until next my loves kisses.