So my friends flew all the way from Nigeria to visit me and also gave me the best birthday celebration. I am a lucky girl, aren’t I? So I had to give them the best Kenyan experience so they will enjoy their stay in Kenya . Turning 22 was such a big milestone for me and there are some lessons I picked over the 22 years which you can read them here.

The night of my birthday we decided to have dinner at Mama Ashanti Restaurant a Ghanaian  restaurant located at Lavington Nairobi. They serve West African cuisine and I wanted my friends to have a taste of home. 
Mama Ashanti

The restaurant is quite lovely and the interior is nice. They have a variety of food you can choose from but that night I decided to order Eforiro (vegetable soup) a Nigerian dish which I love  and accompanied it with Ugali (Kenya’s staple food) plus a glass of white wine.

Although  the restaurant is lovely, the food wasn’t that good since I have tasted better Nigerian cuisine. Also my friends didn’t enjoy the food and I felt really bad because I wanted them to feel at home. But maybe when I visit there the next time the food will be better.  The service too wasn’t the best even though it wasn’t such a busy night so I think they should improve on that. Other than that we enjoyed the night, listened to Nigerian songs even danced to it. It was such a lovely night.

The following day, we had to make the most out of it so we decided to tour some places in Nairobi. 

Places we visited
The Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a fun place to visit to see baby elephants being fed. The elephant orphanage is a non profit organization established in 1977 after the death of David Sheldrick, a naturalist and warden at Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park. At 11am each day for one hour only members of the public are allowed into the elephant enclosure to watch the cute baby elephants guzzling milk from a bottle. It costs $5 per person (payable in cash only) to see and learn about the adorable baby elephants. 
Maasai Man

Unfortunately we got there late and were unable to see those cute and adorable baby elephants being fed, what a bummer! But we got to see a warthog running around and took some pictures for memories sake.

The Giraffe Centre
The Giraffe Center

We decided to proceed to our second destination which was the giraffe centre located in the neighboring suburb of Lang’ata not far from the Elephant Orphanage.The centre was established in the 1970s by Jock Leslie-Melville, who turned his home into a breeding centre for endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. The centre is open daily for tours and visits from 9:00am – 5:00pm and has an elevated walkway for hand feeding the giraffes.

The Giraffe Center

It costs $4 (ksh 400) for citizens and $15 (ksh 1500) for non residents to see and feed the giraffes. After paying, you’re given a bag of special dietary restricted food for you to feed the giraffes. We walked towards the giraffes and I was a little nervous at first to feed the giraffes.  I’d never gotten close to a giraffe in my life so I was a bit scared of them let alone feeding them. I picked a few food pellets from my bag and stretched my hand towards the giraffe. The giraffe picked the food from hands using its tongue and whew its tongue is long and left saliva on my hand.
The Giraffe Center

After that, I was screaming and squealing how disgustingly fun it was and continued feeding the giraffes with enthusiasm and a big smile on my face.

I decided to walk towards the raised platform to feed more giraffes because I was so excited to feed them and I was enjoying it.
The Giraffe Center

Stedmak Gardens and Hotels
Stedmak Gardens & Hotels
After that disgustingly fun experience at the giraffe center, we decided to have lunch at the Stedmak Gardens and Hotels located in Karen. It offers guests a great experience with its unique amenities. The hotel is known for its widespread floating restaurant and its extensive garden. 
Stedmak Gardens & Hotels

Moreover, the hotel has a wildlife educational center which has a snake park, bird sanctuary and an animal park. It’s 300 kenyan shillings for citizens to enter the center. Before we explored the place, we decided to have lunch first or else we wouldn’t have the energy to walk around the place. My friend and I ordered chips and nyama choma (roasted goat) accompanied with kachumbari (mixture of tomatoes, onions and cilantro) while my other friend had chips with chicken. The food was a lot we couldn’t even finish it all but the packed it for us to take home. 

After the finger licking food, we proceeded to the wildlife educational center. We got to see different kinds of birds, snakes and animals. I even held a snake in my hands which felt so amazing (at least I checked something off my bucket list). 

Snake Park
Moreover, I got to pet a cheetah while its mate was having lunch. Ladies and gentlemen, my heart has never beat so fast because I was scared that we would be the next meal haha. The guide assured us that the cheetah wouldn’t harm us but that didn’t make us feel calm. 
Animal Park
We proceeded to see ostriches and even fed them which was also fun. But ostriches are pretty aggressive birds and they picked the collard greens (Sukuma wiki) we held with force. Furthermore, we saw baboons on their periods which was something I didn’t know they do. I should watch more national geographic documentaries to learn more. 
Animal Park

We finished our exploration and called it a day! The day was so splendid and we enjoyed every minute of it. So incase you’d like to visit Nairobi, Kenya and you don’t where to go at least you have ideas of places to visit. 

Thank you for reading and this wouldn’t be the last travel blog post as I plan to travel more and share my experiences with you lovely readers. Until next time my loves, kisses.