So a friend of mine invited me out for a late lunch around 4pm and he picked Zaika Lounge which is located on the second floor of Rupa’s Mall. I had been to Rupa’s Mall before and ate at KFC and Java House but never at Zaika Lounge so I was pretty excited that day.

Zaika Lounge Restaurant
When I got there the first thing that I loved was the interior design. The place has comfortable seats with beautiful pendant lighting and rustic yet crafty wall fixtures that blend well to provide the perfect ambiance.

As I soaked in the beauty of the place my friend arrived and we were brought the food and drinks menu to choose from. Have you ever seen so many things you love on the menu until you become so confused on what to pick? Well I was! I didn’t know if I wanted something from the Indian section or the Chinese section because I love both Chinese and Indian food. The waitress saw my confused face and she stepped in to suggest what I could eat and since I was so confused on what to eat I went with her suggestion fingers crossed that it won’t turn out bad. No one wants to go home with a bad stomach right?

The waitress had suggested the chicken butter masala and butter naan and I personally ordered a glass of white semi sweet wine.
The food was amazing I won’t lie and the service is unbeatable as everyone just seems to enjoy doing what they do.

A glass of White Wine and The Menu

Butter Naan
Butter Naan & Chicken Butter Masala

Chicken Butter Masala
I enjoyed the place very much and would totally recommend it for anyone who visits Eldoret or wants to take their loved ones somewhere nice. This place is also perfect for dates and family hangouts.

So the next time you want to go out but can’t find a restaurant that spikes you, you can try out Zaika Lounge Restaurant. Until next time my loves kisses.