When it comes to natural hair being basic is KEY! When you’re just starting off in your natural hair journey it might feel overwhelming but it shouldn’t, just START and LEARN along the way. In order to have a smooth and loving relationship with your hair you need some basic essential tools to make your life easier. Before we dive right in, you can read about GENERAL HAIR TIPS FOR BOTH GENDERS if you have no idea on how to care for your hair.

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Without further ado here are 5 ESSENTIAL TOOLS that you need:-

Moisture! Moisture! Your natural curls need moisture and the best moisturizer is WATER. A spray bottle with water will save your hairs life.

This will be useful when you will be applying oils to your luscious strands.

Ladies and gentlemen these items are crucial to hair length retention and keeping your help moisturized. Friction from clothes can snag and break your hair and this is the best way to protect those strands.

On days I just need to relax my head this comes in handy. This tool promotes hair growth by stimulating blood flow.

For me personally, I prefer to finger detangle my hair first then use a wide tooth comb. But there are others detangling tools like the Denman brush, Detangle tangling, tangle teaser you can try and see what works best for you.

Those are just some of my favorite hair tools that have helped me in my natural hair journey and they are not for any particular gender so gentlemen you can use these tools too. Until next time my loves kisses.