The natural hair movement has always primarily focused on women and their hair journeys but men have always been part of the movement. However, many men prefer to keep their hair short in order to look professional but there are some who are embracing their texture and length and now natural hair goals aren’t just for the women anymore.

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I have a lil obsession when it comes to hair so you’d always find me watching hair videos for hours and hours without getting bored. So I discovered one of my male Instagram follower who shared his wash day routines on snapchat and decided to ask him to share his wash day routine to help the men out there who want to learn how to take care of their hair.

So you can use his hair care guide to help you have an idea on what to do with your hair.

Do you know your hair porosity?

Yes I do. I have low porosity hair.

How often do you wash your hair?

I wash my hair on a weekly basis.

What do you do on wash day?

So during wash day, I will first shampoo my hair and rinse it.
Then I will deep condition my hair for 30 minutes averagely then rinse it out. I usually alternate between a deep conditioner and a masque every other weekend.

For styling, I first apply a leave in conditioner then seal the moisture with a natural homemade shea butter then I will do two strand twists.

How often do you shampoo your hair?
I shampoo my hair on weekends on wash days. At first I tried every two weeks but my hair gets itchy and my scalp flaky so I decided every week is better.

What are the products you use for your hair?

I currently use Garnier products.



In future I would like to try the popular cantu products.

How often do you moisturize your hair?

I moisturize my hair every day.

Your hair has a tendency to dry out across the day whether from dry air in the fall, indoor heating in the winter or during summer so it is important to hydrate your scalp and hair to keep it soft and easy to manage.

How do you moisturize your hair?

I use water to moisturize my hair and seal the moisture with my oil mixture (contains peppermint oil, castor oil and olive oil).

Moreover, you can use a water based leave in conditioner then apply a cream then add a dime size amount of oil.

Does taking care of your hair make a difference?

Yes yes it does. After the first week I noticed that my hair shedding had reduced by 50%

Is it a tedious process?

Of course it is very tiring but fun. My wash day takes at least 3 hours hahaha and getting back the twists is not a joke.

What do you hate the most about keeping natural hair?

I wouldn’t say I hate it because it’s one of the beauty of it but the shrinkage is annoying. I would love to show off the actual length of my hair.

Would you advise other men to take good proper care of their hair?

Sure I would.  If you want to keep your hair you should take care of it. What is the point of keeping it if you won’t take proper care of it? hahaha

While you can’t control certain genetic factors like thinning, receding and balding, you can control how healthy your hair is.


Avoid Heat
One of the main causes of dry scalp is washing your hair with water that is too hot. Hot water may feel great on your skin, but it can ruin your hair, stripping it of vital oils that keep it healthy. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

If you notice excessivedryness, a leave-in conditioner can help replenish  moisture to the scalp.

Avoid Tight Hats
Too small hats can cause traction alopecia, a condition where hair is pulled out of the scalp. This can cause breakage and damage to the cuticle, and with time and constant hat wearing can make the condition permanent.

Massage your hair once a week to stimulate growth, increase blood flow and circulation and relax your muscles. 
Do it yourself by placing your fingers under your hair to avoid pulling and massage using pressure in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes.

Pat Your Hair Dry
Drying your hair wrong is one of the biggest causes of hair damage. This is because your hair is in its most fragile state when it is wet and aggressive towel drying or combing can result in breakage. 
To properly dry your hair, pat or let it air dry or use a microfiber towel. 
When combining use a wide tooth comb.

Ditch that 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 hair and body wash
Dear men, it's time to take care of your hair properly.

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If you have questions you can ask them in the comment section. Thank you for reading. Until next time my loves kisses.