So you just started your natural hair journey and now you are wondering how to keep your hair healthy. Well here are a few tips;

Stay Away From Heat

I know you have heard this song about a million times, please pay attention to it. All heat does to your hair is inflict damage. What heat does is weaken your hair strands which in turn causes breakage. Heat damage is probably the reason why your hair is not growing. The more frequent you apply heat to your hair, the more daage it causes. If you do decide to use heat make sure you apply a heat protectant before applying heat. 

Do not forget to deep condition your hair

Deep conditioners are a greatwat to keep your natural hair healthy. Whether it is a homemad deep conditioner or a store bought deep conditioner always treat your hair at least twice or thrice every month.

Trim your ends

When you trim your hair, you get rid of split ends and moreover promote growth of healthy hair. After trimming what happens is that you give your hair space to grow out and in turn grows out in a healthy way.

It is undeniable that you need to wash your hair. However, it is important to note that washing your hair too much especially with sulphate containing shampoos can strip your hair's natural moisture leaving your hair super dry which eventually lead to breakage. Make sure that you arenot over doing it when it comes to washing your hair.

Do not skip any part of your wash day routine

Wash day rouines are usually very long, now I know you might be tempted to skip a step or two (I know I am always tempted) but DON'T. Each step from the prepoo to the conditioner is very vital in ensuring that your hair remains healthy.

Always sleep with a satin bonnet on.

Sleeping with your hair in a satin bonnet not only ensures that your hair remains neat during protective styling. It also ensures that you do not lose all the oils and moisture that your hair may contain.

Moisturize your hair

It is very vital to ensure that your hair is moistured at all times. This will ensure that your hair does not dry up and as a result, you avoid breakage. When it comes to hair moisturizers a product that I would swear by is the Mosara Hydrating Butter, now this product does wonders to your hair. The blend between  the butters and oils in the product keeps your hair well moisturized.

Protective styling is your best friend

As the name 'protective styling' suggests styles such as braids protect your hair. The constant combing and styling of your natural hair, no matter how strong you think your hair is, will eventually lead to breakage of hair. Every once in a while get a protective stlying done to ensure that your hair does not break and in turn remains healthy.

Hair gels

Do not get me wrong I love a good sleeked bun but it is not always the best thing for your hair. Constant 'gelling' of your hair, may cause your hair to lose moisture which will eventually cause breakage. In ordeer to keep your hair healthy, at times choose to wear your bun without sleeking it up. After all both ways are beautiful black queen. 

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