Cold showers are seriously not ideal but they are way better than hot showers. Cold showers will do wonders for your hair even though it might not be the most comfortable way to end your shower.

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I personally love rinsing my hair with cold water and I have noticed the difference it makes. Because I’ve low porosity hair I’ll start off with warm water to open up my hair cuticles then finish off with cold water to close the hair cuticles.

Benefits of cold water

1.Moisture retention

Cold water seals your hair follicles along with the moisturizing products you’ve applied. I noticed my hair remained moisturized for longer periods after a cold water rinse.

2.Increases shine

Cold water seals your hair cuticles which make your hair look smooth and shiny. The smoothed cuticle layer reflects light and gives your hair shaft the impression of shine.

3.Reduces frizz

Moisturized hair is less susceptible to frizz and cold water will help you lock in the moisture and thus eliminating frizz.

4.Cleaner scalp

Cold water keeps your hair cuticles closed which prevents dirt and oil from accumulating within your scalp. The exact same damage that occurs to your skin in a hot shower also happens to your hair. Hot water dries out your hair stripping it of its natural oils (although hot water has its benefits too).

5.Improves blood circulation

Good blood circulation is essential for overall promotion of hair growth. When rinsing your hair with cold water, you are alternating between hot and cold water exposed to your scalp and that temperature variation improves blood circulation. When exposed to cold water, our arteries and veins vasoconstrict and helps the blood flow to the scalp.

I recommend doing both scalp massages and cold water rinses when washing your hair.

6. Defined curls

I personally noticed my curls were more defined after a cold water rinse. 

Do you do cold water rinses? Comment down below. 

Until  next time my loves kisses.