Protective hairstyles are styles that protect your hair from damage. 

Tips for choosing protective styles:
  • Choose a hairstyle that won't damage your ends.
  • Hairstyles that are not too tight.
  • No excessive pulling of edges of the hair.
  • Hairstyles that would help you take care of your hair undearneath.

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  • Decreases breakage caused by combining your hair often. 
  • Your hair ends are protected because they are sealed off.
  • Minimize the risk of damage from hair coloring and heat styling tools.
  • Retains growth.
  • Time saving. 
  • Versatile.

Model: Nyoero

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Low manipulation styles include: braids, cornrows and twist-outs that are rebraided at night or buns that are tucked into styles.

No manipulation styles include: twists, braids, flat twists, wigs, weaves. These styles do not require daily combing and a wide tooth comb or fingers are best to use. Breakage should be minimal if maintained properly.

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