It is really wonderful that African women are embracing their natural hair and loving their kinks, curls and coils. I  decided to ask a few women why they loved their natural hair and this is what they had to say. 

Growing natural hair has always been low maintenance for me since l don’t put in effort or products in it , also just seeing my mom relaxing her hair and it started breaking made me just want to keep my hair natural, by the way ‘ girls who rock natural hair own shares in Africa and the future is Africa.

I started locs just to avoid the costs and stress of sitting down in a salon to braid my hair.
But now I have realized that wearing dreads is part of who I am and I won’t change cause that would mean I’m not true to myself


I am Percy Mibei and my hair type is 4C. I really love how kinky it is. It was a long journey for me developing this love. I always thought that it was a problem and I needed it fixed. I ran for straighteners every other time I unplaited them.
With time however, I fell in love with it. It is part of what gives me my identity, it's unique and always makes me stand out more so now that I study abroad.
I like doing twists and after sometimes rocking the twist out. The natural hair journey is not easy but it takes time. This taught me patience, love and more tender

My natural hair journey is a whole relationship to me that’s nurtured in order to grow and reciprocates with amazing growth when given the right TLC and attention.The fact that there’s so much you can do to it and you learn something new every time to switch up your routine is what I love the most .Its am everlasting adventure

Dreadlocks are not boring! That’s my slogan :) I’m always coming up with new ways to style my locs, it’s fun and creative. Feels like a form of art to me. My locs are nearly 7 years old and I’ve twisted and styled them myself for the past 6 years...I’m attached to my hair now and can only anticipate for what journey is ahead of us I love to see queens embrace their crowns. Keep it natural.

So, what I love most about my natural hair is that when it’s out, I feel like my most authentic self. Even through its shrinkage, tangling madness and shedding, I love every bit of the experience since I transitioned to natural hair and I have no regrets. It’s taught me the value of patience and persistence.

I love my natural hair because it makes me feel beautiful and confident.

Thank you for reading. Until next time my loves kisses. 

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