I saw my mum threading my baby sister’s hair and I wanted her to do the same thing with my hair. I have thin fine hair and I don’t like stretching it because I hate how it looks “see through”. But I wanted to try something different with my hair so I went for it.

Before I proceed, let me quickly introduce myself for those who are new on my blog: My name is Naliaka Brenda, I am a natural hair enthusiast and I love experimenting with my hair and sharing DIY hair recipes that you can easily make at home.

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African threading is a traditional styling technique whereby you use a black thread to wrap around strands of hair from root all the way to the tips. The wrapping is not just stylish but also protective. 

Before threading my hair I did the following;

  • Detangled my hair properly so it won’t end up matted when I took it down.
  • Moisturized my hair to get a soft, stretched finish.           

My mama did the threading for me and she was so gentle on my hair and didn’t do it so tightly. She was extra careful around the edges so I wouldn’t lose any edges, so I am grateful for that lol.

Would I try this again?

Probably not because like I said I hate stretching my hair. Moreover it’s time consuming and I hate sitting for a long period of time.

Would I recommend this?

Definitely. It is a safe to stretch your hair without heat. And if you’ve phobia for heat like I do then you can try this.

What I would advise anyone who would want to try this?

Make sure the person doing it for you or if it’s you doing the threading doesn’t make it tight so you won’t lose any hair and edges.

That’s all about my experience with African threading my loves. Comment if you’ve tried this before and what was your experience. Thank you for reading until next time my love, kisses.