There is nothing I love more than staying home and I always get asked why I love staying home and what I actually do at home. And since schools are closed and some workplaces closed, people have a lot of free time and being productive can really come in handy. So I’ve compiled a few activities you can do to stay productive at home. 

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Here are the 21 productive things you can do at home: 

• Meditate

•Do yoga


•Practice self-affirmation.

 Affirmations can help you be more confident, optimistic and brave. You could even have affirmations for your hair like I do take a peak.

•Read books.

Looking for book ideas? Read my article about 12 BOOKS WORTH READING.

•Organize and strategize your finances.

•Listen to music

•Spring clean your house

•Catch up on your favorite Youtube channels

•Create a vision board

•Take an online course

•Listen to podcasts

•Learn a new language

•Start a blog

You could literally write about anything and the good news is that it only costs $3.95 per month to start a blog see more details here 

•Learn a new instrument

•Have a self-care day.

•Watch movies

•Take lots of naps

•Call your long distance friends and family

•Find out ways of making money online. You can read 5 WAYS TOMAKE PASSIVE INCOME and 9 WAYS TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY AT HOME. 

•Get a new hobby

•Play board games

•Bake/cook something


Stay safe my loves receive virtual hugs and kisses.