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Natural organic soap bars

These soaps look edible and aesthetically pleasing and you might be tempted to eat them but don’t. They have amazing benefits and great reviews. Organic soaps are better for your skin because they contain natural ingredients such as plant-derived base oils, glycerin and essential oils. The skin is the largest organ and it requires products that are not harmful to it. 

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Here are some of the natural organic soap bars and body washes worth trying out:

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Pumpkin Chai 

This is perfect for fall. It is infused with pumpkin spice, chai tea latte and sage.


This soap is perfect for reviving your skin and minimizing acne.

African black soap 

It is amazing and it’s one of my favorite soap. You can read my DIY AFRICAN BLACK SOAP SHAMPOO here.

The best thing you can get the raw African black soap or you can try it infused with your favorite aromas.

Raw African Black soap

Moringa Black soap

Turmeric African Black soap

Coconut Mango Black soap

No Stress Yes! Lemon, Rose and Pineapple soap

Liquid African Black Soap 

This liquid is amazing to use both on your body and hair. Moreover, it doesn’t strip your natural hair of its natural oils; it activates your curls and gives you volume.

You can try these amazing natural organic soap bars and body washes from RawAroma and use my discount code naliaka.

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