Hey beautiful people, welcome back to my blog. it has been long since I published a post but I will try and make up for that. Today's blog post I'll be sharing with you some of the things that are preventing your hair from growing and what you can do about them.

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1. Using too much heat

Things like; blow drying, flat ironing and using a curling iron too often can really damage your hair making your hair weak. Using heat several times a week is really harmful to your hair, once a month is okay or you can even go longer without using heat.

2. Not deep conditioning regularly

Deep conditioning nourishes your hair, makes it healthier and stronger. Deep conditioning once a week or once every other week is really good for your hair.

3. Detangling hair when dry

Always detangle your hair using conditioner and not dry because detangling your hair dry will make you lose a lot of hair. Conditioners that give you a nice slip are good when detangling.

4. Styling your hair too often

Minimizing hair styling will prevent hair breakage and hair shedding. Find a style and stick with it for a week or more than a week but try to not style your hair every day and keep your hands out of your hair.

5. Wearing styles that cause too much tension

Super tight ponytails, extremely tight braids can rip out your hair, result in bald spots and bald edges. Make sure that the hairstyles you are doing are not too tight and not putting too much tension to your hair.

6. Poor diet and water intake

You are what you eat and your hair knows what you to eat. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet and if you don’t have an idea of foods that can promote healthy hair growth read here. Moreover, take at least 8 glasses of water a day.

7. Not moisturizing your ends

The ends of our hair are the oldest and also the driest so moisturizing the ends of your hair will prevent it from breaking.

8. No scalp stimulation

Massage your hair a couple times a week for 5-10minutes to enable blood circulation on your scalp thus improving your hair growth. You can either use your fingers or a scalp massager.

9. Using wrong products

Finding the products that are beneficial to your hair is essential. Do not buy products just because it works for the other person. It takes time to find the right products that work for you but just have patience.

10. Not protecting your hair when you sleep

When going to sleep make sure you are protecting your hair either using a silk scarf, satin bonnets or satin/silk pillowcases. Protecting your hair will help you keep your hair hydrated and prevent hair breakage.

11. Not trimming your hair

Let those split ends go darling. Trimming your hair will prevent hair breakage, allowing your hair to remain a full shaft that isn’t broken anywhere.

12. Using oil as a moisturizer

Oil is a sealant not a moisturizer. The best hair moisturizer is water and should be the first ingredient you use when styling your hair.

13. Not detoxifying your scalp

Our hair grows from our scalp and if you don’t clarify or detoxify your scalp you are not allowing your hair to grow because your hair follicles are choked with product buildup and dirt. You can read how to do a scalp detox here. Clarifying your hair once a month is beneficial to your hair growth.

That is all for today my loves, until next time kisses. Comment on more practices that I have left out.