9 Signs your hair and scalp need a detox

A healthy and clean scalp equals longer and healthier hair. But this is often overlooked by many people. When was the last time you did a scalp detox or clarification? If your hair isn’t thriving anymore or you have been using different products but they seem to be not working, then it is time for a hair and scalp detox.

Whether you have locs, relaxed hair or virgin hair you need to incorporate a scalp detox in your hair regimen. Also men should incorporate hair detoxing for their beards to promote healthy beards.

Clarifying or detoxifying your scalp will keep your scalp and hair in optimal conditions to look healthy and grow. Product buildup, sweat, sebum and dead skin cells can ‘suffocate’ the hair follicles, which impact on your hair growth. When you finally give your scalp the proper care it deserves you will notice that all of your scalp related issues including dandruff, oiliness and hair loss will slowly fade away and your hair will begin to look and feel healthier than it was.

The following are signs that your hair needs a detox:

1. Your hair feels dry, frizzy and brittle.

Dryness can be one of the tell-tale signs that your hair is overdue for a detox. If you are constantly coloring, blow-drying, exposed to UV rays most of the time might contribute to the depletion of moisture in your hair.  Frizzness is not only a sign of lack of moisture but it can also be a sign up of product buildup.

2. Your hair is dull.

Seasonal changes, stress and daily styling places hair under pressure that can cause damage to the hair’s cuticle structure. When hair is damaged, cuticles become rougher which results in less light reflection and therefore lackluster lengths. In order to restore shine, a detoxifying mask will work to strengthen hair strands.

3. You have dandruff.


If you are experiencing dandruff and flakes that’s an indication that your scalp isn’t healthy.

4. You have an itchy scalp.

An itchy scalp can be attributed to a number of things such as sunburn, medication, diet or stress. If your scalp is excessively itching, please consult a doctor. However, if it is not excessively itching then it is time to do a scalp detox to help remove the dead skin cells, sweat pollution and oil build up which cause itching.

5. Your hair does not absorb deep treatments and conditioners as it used to.

If you notice that your products you so much love are not working anymore then you know you are overdue for a scalp and hair detox. There might be a barrier on your hair shafts that’s preventing your hair products from penetrating in.

6. Excessive oily scalp.

Your scalp might be excessively oily because it has been stripped of its oils constantly and overproduces oil to compensate and in turn ends up clogging your pores.

7. Your hair is breaking more easily and regularly than usual.

8. Your hair still feels dirty, greasy or oily after you have washed it.

9. Your curls are limp, lifeless and lacking bounce or definition.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs then your hair is due for a detox or clarification. You can read more about how to do a scalp detox here.

Thank you for reading. Until next time my loves, kisses.