First of all, Naliaka, I am so grateful for this honour. Thank you for recognizing the work that I do at my blog and inviting me to add on to the amazing work you do on this platform. You write so openly and vulnerably and my goal is to keep it as authentic as you do.


Dating in my generation has become a scary experience and something that is not taken with the seriousness it deserves. Ever since I was a child, I desired to fall in love with one person and grow with that same person till our teeth fell out. Growing up I began seeing how adults relate with each other and I encountered people who didn't believe in love and in a lifelong partnership. What's worse is my generation makes modern dating look like something you'd want to steer clear from.

Self-Care is More than Just Bath Bombs and Face Masks

Hi, my name is Ursula and I am here as a guest writer. I want to say a big thank you to my friend Naliaka Brenda for giving me a piece of her space on her blog to share my thoughts. This article is going to talk about a few things I believe are important to consider when we talk about self-care.